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I am a licensed Occupational Therapist providing therapeutic bodywork to all ages from newborns to elders.   I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-emotional Release, Reiki and Visceral Manipulation.   My intention is to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself by creating a state of balance between the mind and body.    Every day the body endures stresses and strains, both emotional and physical, and the body absorbs them.    This can lead to both acute and chronic restrictions that result in a state of imbalance.     My treatment involves a combination of techniques to find and treat the root cause of the symptoms being experienced.  Together we will identify resources to support the body’s healing.   I provide sessions for pain relief, rehabilitation, personal renewal, and relaxation.  Each session is unique to the individual.   

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in 1998.       I began my career specializing in pediatrics with a focus on Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Treatment.   In 2004, I took my first Craniosacral Therapy course with the Upledger Institute International.   I instantly fell in love with the gentle touch and the profound results achieved.   By melding the Craniosacral techniques with traditional occupational therapy, patients progressed more quickly towards their therapy goals and moved through "sticking" points in their progress.    I also realized the importance of the caregivers of my pediatric clients maintaining their own health and wellbeing.  Caregivers that took time for themselves to recharge and identify their own needs had more to give.  My practice quickly evolved to focus on providing therapeutic body work to all ages.   

Common diagnosis seen include Migraines/Headaches- Concussions- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Stress and Tension Related Disorders - Vertigo- Fibromyalgia- Digestive Disorders- Pregnancy -Infertility- Traumatic Brain Injury- Spinal Cord Injury- Orthopedic Problems -Autism Spectrum Disorder- Sensory Integration Disorder- Failure to Thrive Syndrome- Colic- Torticollis- Chronic Ear Infections- Cerebral Palsy- Attention/Learning Disorders

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